City of Rhoona

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For five generations the Dukes of Rhoona have ruled the city of the same name with a just and respected hand. Established as an outpost from which Eric Rhoona launched his far ranging raiding and trading expeditions, the town has grown to a population of several thousand in its century of existence. The duchy is part of the greater kingdom of Vestland, and is allied with the Jarldom of Soderfjord and the dwarves of Rockhome. Located on a sheltered fjord nearly 100 miles from the sea, Rhoona has a bustling port from which ships sail to all corners of the known world..

Many steep, treacherous and hidden passes lead across the mountains to Rockhome, and dwarven caravans often cross these with loads of metal goods and other dwarven crafts. In fact, a sizeable number of dwarves live in Rhoona, and are presently engaged in the construction of a mighty palace for the current Duke, Stephen Rhoona.

Other passes in the rugged mountain range to the northwest have recently been crossed by immigrants from the Ethangar Khanate. The number of these nomads in Rhoona is small, but slowly growing. They are welcomed for the fine horses and goats that they bring with them. Sheep, goats, cows, and horses are all herded in the rugged country around the town.

Barley, rye, fish, milk, cheese, and mutton are common foods here, and Rhoona is known throughout Vestland and beyond for its many fine breweries. A number of taverns offer the traveller a chance to sample the wide variety of fermented malt beverages brewed here. Wine and brandy must be imported by ship, and are therefore priced accordingly.

With the exception of the unfinished Ducal palace and portions of the three temples, all of the buildings in Rhoona are made of wood, with either wooden or sod roofs. They are one story tall, unless otherwise mentioned, and all but the largest will be one room. In the Old Town near the waterfront, life is hard but happy. Many taverns may be found here, and strangers will generally be greeted with a friendly invitation to share an ale.

Two old temples, erected decades ago, stand in Rhoona in tribute to a pair of two of the major gods of Rhoona, which seperate from the traditional faith of Vestland. The Temple of the Lawful Order of Forsetta is the oldest, and most of the citizens are members of this faith. The basic tenets include a belief in the authority of the Duke and the conviction that good deeds done throughout a person’s life will result in great rewards after death. The Temple of the Nooga is the home of a neutral order, comprised mostly of fishermen and sailors. This faith is a less restrictive one, believing that a person must strive against the circumstances of his life to make the best of a short existence. The symbol of the faith is a white whale. The traditional gods of Vestland have their place in Rhoona as well but their worship is more of a personal choice.

Recently, a newer temple has been erected to Cretia, the god of the Ethangarians. Although currently there is a small number of people in Rhoona from the Ethangar Khanate, they have erected a large and elaborate temple. To most Rhoonians, this temple is a strange and mysterious place, and little is known about the beliefs of the faithful.

The Ducal Guard is responsible for maintaining order in the community, as well as defending it from any outside threats. This brutally effective force is led by Draco Stormsailer, whose very name inspires fear and awe in most Rhoonians. Once Draco sailed to all parts of the world on plundering expeditions, but now he has settled down to the quiet life of garrison commander. He lives in the Ducal Barracks. It is said that the current Duke, Duke Stephen of Rhoona, respects his judgement above all other advisors.

Recently, the town has been thrown into an uproar by several rather peculiar decrees that have originated from the Duke’s palace. Ten days earlier, the order was issued that all taxes must be paid in beer, not money. Many kegs have been delivered to the palace, and now it is very difficult to purchase even a small mug of beer in the taverns of Rhoona. This has contributed to grumbling and complaining among the thirsty populace, but people are in such a fear of the Ducal Guard that no protest has been made.

Three days ago, a second decree was issued, declaring that horses ridden by civilians within the town boundaries must carry the riders facing the mount’s tail. Since only the very wealthy ever ride in the town, this decree has resulted in some very entertaining sights for pedestrians, as merchants and nobles struggle to maintain balance and dignity in the awkward position. Even so, more rumors have been spread regarding the odd nature of the last two ducal pronouncements. Many people are frightened by the thought that Duke Stephen is no longer rational.

City of Rhoona

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