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All Feats are as found in the D&D Players Handbook page 154 except for the changes as listed below. New Feats are also listed below.

Changes to existing Feats

Heavy Armour Master: The feat is now called ‘Armour Master’. It provides DR1 for light armour, DR2 for medium armour and DR3 for heavy armour.

Shield Master: In addition to the other benefits the character can also choose to use a bonus attack to make a shield bash attack. The attack delivers 1d4 bludgeoning damage.and counts as a second weapon for purposes of two weapon fighting and bonus damage.

Weapon Master: As per the book, or the character can select a single weapon to master. They gain a +1 to hit and damage with that weapon instead.

New Feats

Acrobat:You are nimble and acrobatic, an expert gymnast and tumbler, able to perform elegant leaps, rolls, and dodges.You gain the following benefits. You gain a +1 bonus to your Armor Class when wearing light or no armor and not carrying shield. When falling, you may reduce the distance fallen by 10’ for the purposes of calculating damage. You gain advantage on all jump checks. Once a day, you may, with an acrobatic maneuver, use the Disengage action as a bonus action. Finally, you may also use acrobatics instead of athletics when attempting maneuvers such as push etc

Armor Specialization: You’re better trained at getting the best from your armour. Chose one armour type: Light, Medium or Heavy armour. Increase the AC bonus you get when that armor is worn by 1.

Charmer: Increase your Charisma score by 1, to a maximum of 20. Your flirtatious manner gives you advantage on Charisma (Persuasion) and Charisma (Deception) checks made against an individual who is attracted to members of your race and sex.

Concentration Boost: Some men juggle balls. You juggle spells.
Gain a +1 bonus to your spell casting statistic to a maximum of 20.
When you cast a spell that has the concentration descriptor, you may maintain an extra concentration spell.
Prerequisite: Must be 12th level

Focused Ki Mastery: You have mastered yourself and the forces of the universe and gained the following benefits:
Gain a +1 bonus to wisdom to a maximum of 20.
Your current and future ki pool is increased by your proficiency bonus.

Metamagic Mastery: You gain another metamagic feat and your maximum sorcery point score increases by 2. You also recover spell shots as per the wizards arcane recovery per short rest.

Mighty Grip: You are adept at using large weapons in a single hand due to your exceptional strength. You gain the following benefits:
You may wield a two-handed melee weapon one handed and gain the benefit of the two-handed grip for qualities like versatile and general use of the weapon. You may not wield two two-handed weapons, but if you use an off hand weapon, the off-hand attack does not add your strength or dexterity to damage.
Requires: 18 Strength

Spell Focus: You’ve continue your studying of a particular school of magic. Choose a school of magic, you gain a +1 to the DC of all spells that you cast from this school or a +1 to the attack roll of spells from this school. Gain a +1 to your spell casting attribute.

Thuggish Prowess: Where others may strike with a subtle knife in the ribs, you prefer attacking with brutal force. You also gain +1 to Strength, to a maximum of 20. You may perform a sneak attack with any one-handed or versatile weapon in which you are proficient, provided you meet the other requirements.
Prerequisite: Sneak attack ability

Not being used

Brutal Killer: Your sneak attack damage dice increased from d6 to d8. If you do not have access to sneak attack you gain the sneak attack feature for 1d6 damage. You also increase your Dexterity score by 1, to a maximum of 20

Firearms Expert: Thanks to extensive practice with the firearms, you gain the following benefits:
You reduce the number of actions required to load a firearm by 1.
Being within 5 feet of a hostile creature doesn’t impose disadvantage on your ranged attack rolls.
When you use the Attack action and attack with a one-handed weapon, you can use a bonus action to attack with a loaded Light firearm you are holding.
Requires: Proficiency in Tools: Firearms and GM permission


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