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Campaign Notes

City of Rhoona
Kingdom of Vestland

Neighboring Lands
The Soderfjord Jarldoms
The Enthengar Khanate
The Kingdom of Rockhome – The Dwarven Kingdom
The Kingdom of Ostland

Other Lands of Interest
The Kingdom of Alfheim – The Elven Realm
The Five Shires – The Lands of the Halflings
The Grand Duchy of Karameikos – Frontier Land of Adventure

Map of the Known World

Items and Loot

For narrative purposes I’ll use the following:

Sovereign = PP | Gold Crown = GP | Half Crown = EP | Shilling = SP | Penny = CP

Also there are tuppence (2cp), thruppence (3cp) and groats (5cps). A ‘ha-penny’ or half Penny exists as well. The Gold ‘Mark’ also exists as well being 10 Sovereigns to the Gold Mark.

Main Page

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