Masterwork Items

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Masterwork weapons inflict +1 Damage.

A Masterwork spell focus allows a +1 modifier damage to a single chosen spell, or +1 DC to the save required for a single spell or class ability once per short rest. For example a staff may give the caster a +1 bonus to damage for the magic missile spell to be assigned to one of the missiles or a clerics holy symbol may increase the DC of the saves needed to turn undead once until they took a short rest.

The focus must be wielded to grant its bonus.

Masterwork armours require one less strength than normal to wear without penalty.

Magical armours are considered to be masterwork in regards to reduction of minimum strength, with each plus reducing the minimum strength requirements by one.

Masterwork weapons are five times the normal cost. Masterwork armours cost twice normal cost.

Magical/Holy foci cost 250 gold.

Starting characters get a single item from this page or can take Masterwork Breast Plate or Splint mail Armour

Masterwork Items

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