Weapons and equipment

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Throwing range is modified to 10/30

This now also represents throwing knives, ninja stars etc as well as the light javelins that darts also meant historically. Their throwing range stays at 20/60. Using darts as a melee weapon is done using disadvantage.

Fighting Knife/Slashing Dagger
Slashing versions of daggers exist and cost the same amount. Damage inflicted by these fighting knife style weapons is slashing and not piercing. Throwing range is 5/15.

Main Gauche
(Or parrying dagger). Usable with both the rapier, or any light weapon, it allows a character to use their bonus action to attack (as a dagger using the two weapon fighting rules), or deflect attacks (+1 AC until the start of their next turn). The weapon, counts as a dagger, can not be thrown, and is a martial weapon. It costs 5gp.

Morning Star
This weapon can deliver either Bludgeoning or Piercing damage.

This weapon can be used with either a dagger or the main gauche in the off hand despite its non light weapon status.


Doctor’s Kit 50gp 5lbs
A doctor’s kit is usually several instruments such as surgical scalpels, mask, gloves, chisels and hammer, bone saw, and several other implements that would lead some to believe that the individual is mad. Bandages, medicines and other such items can also be found. With this kit a healer can attempt to remove lingering wound effects.

Tower Shields add +3 to armour class but impose disadvantage to stealth and acrobatics checks, slow movement and cannot be used while mounted.

For more information see Updates to Armour Rules

Weapons and equipment

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